I Can't Make Myself Like TikTok

Well this is the 3rd time I gave TikTok a go. I tried hard to care, but I don't. It's just not what I want in my social media life. I should have just left it be in the first go at it, but people keep telling me, "IT's really fun", so I tried it again two more times.

Well it is a bit fun, it's also filled with a lot of annoying content I can't seem to make go away no mater how many times I click, "not interested". Like the reams of people going on how the PM of Canada is the worst person in history and how they are, "destroying Canada, and taking away our freedoms".

The thing is, it sucks a tone of battery life, and I have no idea why. I can't be bothered more than a couple of times a week to open the app and go looking at videos. It was nice to keep up with friends, but other then that, I just was not interested - and following the same 12 people when they hardly post, was just not doing it for me. Only one of them posted a lot, and it's just not my thing, as it deals mostly with politics in another country.

Yes, there are more than average trolls on there, but who cares. The only time in my life I gave a darn about trolls, I was having a chemical imbalance in my brain that needed fixing, and I over-reacted to almost everything in that time frame. When they gave me meds and they kicked in, I was back to not giving a darn who thinks what about me, just like before I went off.

I can honestly see the appeal however, it's mostly mindless playing with filters, and watching short videos of this and that. But I just don't care enough to keep it up I guess. The fact that people try to Vlog on there also is interesting, but I'll stick to YouTube and Facebook for Vlogs thanks, I don't need more apps for that.

I am hung-up on Instagram however, LOL, to the point I have two profiles on it, my normal one and my Chub profile. But I honestly spend 15 minutes a day on me Insta feed only, and it makes me happy. TikTok on the other hand made me wonder why I'm on the app.

To close, I'm sure if I had TikTok when I was a teen, I'd have freaking loved it in general, but just not my thing now that I'm old. Also that being said, there are a LOT of older folks on the app who enjoy the heck out of it, so judge for yourself. As for me, 1 star out of 5.


  1. Instagram can do the same as TikTok and so can youtube shorts, it is absolute and stewpid

    1. TikTok goes up to 10 minutes though. But YouTube is good enough. I find on Shorts I get a lot of rude young people. Insta my reels get a lot of views and almost no interaction at all.


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