3 Pin-up Jigsaw Puzzles With Times (And Information of Hilda)

All puzzles made with Jigsaws Galore and are painted by the artist Duane B. Bryers. The woman is known as Hilda and was one of, if not the longest running pin-ups in history. The art was published from the 1950's to the 1980's. Hilda is my favorite Pin-up of all time I have to say. There is something magical about these paintings. They have a sense of real life in them. Hilda is not the average pin-up girl to say the least, and is more inline of what I think of, when I think of a typical 30 some year old in on a farm, enjoying life. To be honest, for me, this is the perfect body type, not that I want to objectify, but it's what I desire the most in women - albeit, I'd rather they be closer to my age. I also like that they appear to be in an age before the 1950's even though that's when they first came out. The middle one where she is listening in on the party line that often existed on the farm in the early years, is classic. I am reminded that my aunt had a party line until the mid 1970's. I very much am enjoying this folder of puzzles. It is very easy to find Hilda on the internet, as she is very popular, and to this day highly collected. There is at least one Facebook page I know of that posts these wonderful images.

204 Pieces - 15 Min. 35 Sec.
192 Pieces - 12 Min. 26 Sec.
192 Pieces - 12 Min. 24 Sec.


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