We Choose to be Good or Bad

God and the Devil are both inside of us. We are good and we are evil. Humanity is capable of great things and the most unspeakable horrors. We have accomplished much in out time on earth, yet we could have done so much more, if we did not hold ourselves back with greed and hatred.

What I find most disturbing about us humans, is the vast majority are apathetic at best. They just don't care about what is happening around them, and as long as they have their comforts, they will continue not to care about others struggle.

We also live in a society that kisses the boots of the super rich and at the same time cries out how those on disability or welfare are taking tax money and making them somehow have less in their comfortable lives. At the same time, they look the other way when tax money is sent to companies with record profits for some government funded program to "help the economy".

But there are people who do great good in our society. They help others when they can, and they give to charity without the praise of public attention. Without these kinds of people public funded health care would never have existed here. They have helped many people overcome disability or poverty to become productive members of society and we are all better for it. They have also made life better for those who can't work.

There are however some who would take and never give back. They victimize those who worked for what they have and pray on those who wish escape from reality. Unfortunately, we have a movie, TV and music industry that glorifies this kind of behavior.

Now we are starting to see a great deal of people entering the workforce that have little to no empathy for others, because they where never raised to do so. Instead they where told how special they are and that they are worthy of anything they want. When they have to work for it, they don't seem to like it. They sure as heck don't have the desire to help others with their time or money. The future I see coming up in 30 or 40 years is not a good one. I can see all the good we have done together rolled back and a large number of people who have nothing, not even hope.

When a society lets too many people fall into terrible poverty, things tend to happen that the rich and the comfortable don't enjoy. Change tends to come in a rather violent manner and we start the cycle over again endlessly. Humanity never seems to learn from it's mistakes.

I pray to the Goddess that I am wrong, but I see a harsh future and uprising. It may be some time after I'm gone from this world, but  I think it is going to happen. We are in fact, both the Devine and the Evil at the same time. It's just what we nourish that we end up being. Chose well.


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