AI Making a Mistake?

No Bing! Bad image generator! I wanted Pusheen the Cat cooking bacon, not Pusheen being cooked on the stove. LOL. When I posted this on my Facebook, I was a bit put out at the fact that Pusheen is on the stove. A good friend said that she might just be using it as a heating pad or a sauna, and that she obviously has a cup of coffee with her. I'll go with that, instead of poor Pusheen being dinner for someone. She also appears to have too many legs. Many of the images I've generated over the last many months came out with errors. Often if there is a group of people, it will mess up their faces rather badly. We have all seen extra fingers I'm sure. Too many eyes on animals seems to be the thing for Deep Dream Generator when it screws up an animal. They are not perfect and I don't call it real art, as there is no soul in it; no human element. It is in fact AI art, and although fun to play with, I'm not pushing it out there as "my art" as a lot of people are doing. In any event, Pusheen is getting warm and having a cup of coffee.


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