Coffee Outing after 22 Days Inside

It's been 22 days since my last coffee outing with my friends. I had hurt myself in a fall and ended up in the hospital for 9 days, then after I just was not physically able to go the one Thursday.

It was brutally cold and very windy out today when we went for coffee and with no shelter at the truck stop we go to, it was a shock to the system to get out of the van.

I have to say, I had a bit of trouble getting in the van, and a bit less trouble getting out of it. My legs are not up to strength yet. But I was picked up for the ride home by another friend and it was much more easy to get in and out of her SUV.

We had the normal range of conversation and I enjoyed myself a lot. It was however rather cold in the place we where at. I had to put my jacket back on to keep warm. There is the fact, that I am hard to keep warm, and am cold often. But I enjoyed the fact I was out just as much as I enjoyed my friends.

I am broke however, and my friend had to pay for my coffee this time, and will again next Thursday as I don't get paid for some time yet. I am trying hard to keep my expenses under budget from now on, so that I can eventually be out of debt (the goal is 6 months). This way I will have coffee outing money every week, if all goes right and to plan.

There is normally 4 of us, but this time was only 3, the person that picked me up did not come in, as her SUV did not start until the end of our coffee. On the odd time, there is a 5th person as well, and I rather enjoy his company. In all it is great to chat about many topics, and to just be out of the apartment and with people I know. I hope we can do this for many years to come.


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