Looking Back on My Hospital Stay

After getting drunk and falling then not being able to get up, I ended up in the hospital of 9 days. You can read about the incident HERE. I have to say that the way some people talked about the staff at the hospital here in Moose Jaw, was totally unfounded. I saw many people in a Facebook group complain about how the staff was just not going their jobs and they where mean and all manner of other nonsense. In my stay there, I had nothing but friendly staff, who where willing to help any time I needed it. Sure a couple of times I waited about 30 minutes to have a nurse come to my room. You have to realize, it can become extremely busy in there, and the number of staff is not enough to quickly get to you. Also they tend to go to the people who they know need help the most and could be in danger if not seen quickly. This can happen long after I push the bell and they push theirs after me. It's only logical and the right thing to do.

The food was not bad at all, in fact I rather enjoyed most of it. Yes it's not restaurant quality, but it was very good. Reviews HERE.

I stayed on two wards, first the surgical ward, as that was the only bed open to me. The last few days I spent on the medical ward, where I belonged. The view on the surgical ward was amazing, and I spent a lot of time looking out my window from the sofa and enjoying the sun going up and back down. I also enjoyed watching traffic for some reason. On the medical ward however, the view was rather not as enjoyable. I had a view of the roof of part of the first flood to look at and the Western Development Museum

They do have TV in the rooms with access to news and movies and so on, but it seems most of them just do not work - they need replacing, but I am sure the government does not want to give them extra money for this and it's just not in the budget.

On day one of my stay, I had a person I know go to my place and get my phone charger and Pusheen the Cat (stuffed toy). I should have had him get my razor to shave with as well, but I just did not think of it and I ended up rather scruffy in the end. I also would have liked to have had him bring me the chocolate I had in my fridge, but again I did not think of it. Later on in my stay, I had a package that was going to be delivered to my place, and of course I could not be there, so I had the same guy go to my place and wait for it. He asked (texted) if I wanted him to gather up my booze and take it away before I got home, and I said yes. When I got back I saw evidence, that he had been in ever drawer, closet, and storage tote I own. I only had one unopened bottle of whiskey and a partial bottle of vodka and told him so. The thing is, some people hide booze in places, and being his father was like that, he took it on himself to search the place. I'm very grateful he went to the effort to remove the temptation.

When I got home, I had a tone of stuff to pick up off the floor and place in boxes to take to the trash. I have yet to take out the trash as my feet are still very puffy and I can't get my shoes on without a lot of pain, so I will do it later on sometime. I still have a tone of bottles (many months worth) to be put in a bag to be given to the building association so they can have the money from cashing them in. I can't clean my place like I would like to do, as I am just too disabled, but I can at least clear some stuff out.

When I went in, I was unable to stand up from a chair on my own sometimes, and I sure as heck could not get off the floor on my own. I could not get into bed by myself as well, and needed my legs lifted in. I'm glad that I regained some of my strength and am now able to get out of a chair when I want, and into bed on my own. I still have a way to go before I am back to normal. I will be getting help in my home for this, there will be someone coming once a week (once I am in the system) to help me exercise and get stronger. I will be using things in my own home to do this and they will make sure I'm doing things correctly. It will be up to me to continue on days they are not here.

I had a condition from the fall and from laying on the floor for 7 hours where my muscles where damaged and they needed to flush out the damaged tissue. This involved forcing fluids in I.V. form and having me drink a great deal of fluids. This of course faired my edema badly (the worst it's ever been). There was also a slight risk this would cause a heart attack as I am being treated for congestive heart failure. However it needed to be done or the damage would get worse.

Below are some photos with captions from my stay at the hospital.

P.S. 9 days in the same underwear was kind of yucky. I should also have had my friend bring some clean ones to put on over the stay.


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