Donating DVD's

My building has a library in it. There are a few DVD's in it for people to watch if they want. I am literally never going to watch any of these movies again, so I'm taking them down there tonight and leaving them out for people to watch if they like. I have no interest in the pain in the butt that is selling them online, I also do not want to just hoard them for no reason. None of these will be worth a lot in my lifetime I don't think, or at least in the next 10 or so years. So down they go later on tonight and I just hope there is room on the shelf for them.
This is the keep list. THX1138 is my favorite movie. The Fritz ones are not all that common, so are actually worth more than I paid. The top 3 are seriously not for family viewing, neither is Short Bus. BTW the top 3 are related and called "The Depression Trilogy".


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