Groceries Order and Budget for July 2024

This will be my order with the groceries. I've got 6 2kg bags of dried beans so, I won't need them for a long time. I tend to make beans, veggies and tomatoes half of the month or more. I will have 10 treats of pasta this month with all the pasta I'm getting. Also some of this order is for a night of fun. There is more to be spent on "fun", but I'm literally not telling you what that is... OK, It's gummies, and they are expensive for the amount I want. I just labeled it fun on the budget, but it's really for pain management - the fact it feels very fun is beside the point. It does mess with me a little however. I will be removing the 2 previous versions and leaving them as just links to the final budget post. (Images are clickable to enlarge).

Several personal loans will be paid off and a bit will be lumped into "Debt" that will be a purchase for a persons pet. Gummies are for pain relief and I  hope they last a while. I may or may not use all or some of the remaining money for other fun, or if I like the underwear, I'll get another pack of them.

Things changed twice to change the numbers. Both because someone was charitable to me. NOTE: Not getting a phone upgrade until October or possibly November, even though I can in July.


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