I Wonder If He's Dead?

This is going to sound harsh and brash, but if you knew this guy, you would think I'm taking it easy.

So I just ran into someone who reminded me of someone we both know. I forgot to ask about this guy, we will call him JJ. But we had a bit of a talk and then he went on his way. This was a few days ago in the drug store. I'd not seen the guy in years, nor have I seen or even heard about JJ in years.

I had to think, is JJ finally dead? You know after over 30 years of telling people he's dying and will be gone from this mortal coil soon. It was his big thing, "I'm going to die." Then all the sudden, there would be a miracle drug that saved him. Not that that never happens, in fact it happened to me. If it where not for Intresto, I'd probably be dead years ago - darn good chance of it in fact.

I had to wonder if he had gone to the place of burning fire yet? I looked up obituaries, but nothing came up. Then I realized, "who the hell would put an obituary up?" No one would be there for him in the end. He'd be alone totally and no one would place the obituary.

This guy had done nothing but harm in his life. He ripped people off constantly in many ways. He lied every time his mouth opened. All his ex lovers would like to have watched him die I'm rather certain. In fact, I know JJ literally tried to kill one of his ex's with a rock from the garden when he was leaving him. I saw the marks on his body from the abuse he took at the hands of JJ.

I have talked to so darn many people that told me he got things from them and never paid the person for it. He would talk them into letting him pay them at the end of the week or such nonsense. Then when they asked about the money, he would flat out claim he never purchased the merchandise from them. How he managed to do this with so darn many people I'll never know.

I remember being in a truck with a guy I was helping (a friend of a friend). I can't do much physically, but this involved taking photos, so I could easily do it. We had to drive past JJ's house. The fellow pointed and said, "a right as**le lives there." The guy went on to describe how he'd been ripped off and how several people he knew had been ripped off. I was not in the least bit shocked by this.

JJ is one of these people who screws over everyone around him, then screams what a victim he is. He's always been this way. In fact a service organization that has helped many youth in our community, and helped a camp for disadvantaged youth, was the target of his anger many times. He would tell anyone would listen how this organization only existed to destroy his life.

He claimed that he got fired from oh so many jobs because this organization lied to the owners about him. The fact that he would do something to get himself fired never entered his own mind. Hell, several times he's lucky he did not end up in prison over it, let alone fired.

But his kind always think they are the victim, even know in reality they do nothing but damage to other people. His kind are literally not capable of anything but abuse and manipulation. Love is literally something they are unable to comprehend - they fake love and then try to trap the person in their lives with all manner of lies and manipulation.

So to sum it up, all I have to say is, if he's dead, not one person alive gave a darn that he's gone - in fact many would raise a glass to toast his passing with joy. I'm extremely glad that I am loved and when I'm gone I'll be missed and I'll leave a positive legacy behind me. Peace and Love be with you.

P.S. I'm kind of glad I've not heard about his drama in many years.


  1. Well the thing about telling people you are going to die is that you will eventually die lol we all do.


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