July Blogging/Journaling Prompts (Blog/Journal Every Day in July)

1. Yourself As a Person.
2. Things That Make You Happy.
3. A Strong Memory.
4. Places You Want to Visit.
5. Your Parents.
6. Being Single and Happy; Or Attached and Happy.
7. Your Favorite Movie.
8. The Power of Music.
9. Happiness.
10. Your Best Friend.
11. Your Siblings.
12. Your Favourite TV Series.
13. Your Favourite Possession.
14. Describing Your Style.
15. You Could Run Away, Where Would You Go?
16. Someone You Miss.
17. Ways to Win Your Heart.
18. Thirty Facts About Yourself.
19. Your First Love.
20. Your Celebrity Crush Past or Present.
21. LOVE.
22. A Perfect Day You Had.
23. A Letter to Someone Who Passed Away.
24. A Lesson You've Learned.
25. Something Inspiring to You.
26. Your High School.
27. Something That Changed Your Life.
28. Loving Someone {Can Be a Pet}.
29. Your Goals For the Future.
30. Your Toughest Decision You Had to Make.
31. What You Feel When You Write.


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