They Kept Me Down

I passed the entry exam for Mensa but gave up my membership as they were elitist. I have a diploma in data processing, information systems, electronic repair, and advanced video systems. I used to have my advanced ham ticket, but let it laps before the license changed to permanent in Canada. Never bothered to renew as I'll literally never use it again. I'm not trying to brag, I just find it interesting how many people think your stupid if you are on disability, or are a person of size.

I've worked at many jobs in my life but never git hired in things I'm trained to do. As soon as you walk in and they see a plus sized person, you see the look on their face, and You know you won't get the job.

I've literally been asked all manner of rude personal questions in interviews. I've also on 5 different occasions been told the job is no longer available, then a person I know gets hired by the employer days later.

So I ended up doing things like labor in a grave yard, delivering bundles of news papers but had to stop as my back could not handle it. I also worked as a cook for 7 years in a place with a restaurant and a banquet hall. I often cooked for 300 people in the hall. One day I was the only one there to plate the meals, and I kept up and did the job in 15 minutes while 4 people served the meals.

All the other jobs I had ended up being cut to save money. The cook job I'd still be doing, but my level of disability became too much to work for more than one reason.

On the side in my younger days, I installed many radios in cars and trucks and repaired many as well. I cleaned an aligned VCRs. I fixed and even built computers. I always repaired my own car. I did plumbing and electrical repairs in my parents homes. I hung drywall. I did house painting for 8 months before the company Went under.

But was always looked down on as dumb or lazy. The fact I graduated with honors from courses the vast majority of people could never finish meant nothing. My work record also meant nothing. So all that education was a waste of my time and money.

So here I sit in poverty wondering if I'll end up on the street someday after government cuts. Never being able to go out for a meal because I can't afford it. Eating dried beans because I can't afford good food. Relying on handouts to get things I need.

All this because I was never able to control my weight. The fact I worked very hard and still was fat never clued people in that it was out of my control. Discrimination sucks, and this is one society does not see as wrong.

But I'll spend the rest of my time on earth trying to help in ways I can, and making people happy and feeling accepted. I will validate their existence as worthy of love. I'll never give in and be filled with hate or rage. I will love everyone, even if I think they are evil.

Peace and Love be with you. Keep smiling. You are loved.


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