Everything "Are You Being Served?" Reviewed

Are You Being Served? (1972-1985) Original TV Show IMDB 8.0/10 ME 8/10
The staff of the men's and ladies department of the Grace Brothers department store encounter many comedic adventures. This in my mind is one of the best comedy TV shows ever made.

Are You Being Served? (1977) Movie IMDB 6.1/10 ME 7/10
The first half is the same as the show, the second half is them on vacation. There is an attempted revolution, and Mr. Grace ends up saving them.

Are You Being Served in Australia? (1980-1981) Spin-off TV Show IMDB 6.2/10 ME 6/10
Mr. Humphries is sent to Australia by Young Mr. Grace to head the men's department at Bone Brothers department store. The staff closely look like the staff of Grace Brothers. This is not up to the standard of the original show, but was more than a pass for me. I liked it enough, but as I say, not as much as the original. It's the same formula however.

Are You Being Served Again? (1992-1993) Spin-off TV Show IMDB 7.7/10 ME 5/10
The people from the show end up running a hotel in the countryside. It's a pass, but not nearly up the the quality of the original show.

Are You Being Served? (2016) TV Movie - a try at a reboot. IMDB 5.7/10 ME 8/10
An attempt to modernize the 1st floor by the grandson of Young Mr. Grace. It's only 31 minutes long, and was very reminiscent of the original show. There is of course a couple of people played by different actors, and a new character.

Are You Being Served? In Quarantine (2020) Short film IMDB NR/10 ME 7/10
(zoom call) 3:25 minutes, not all original people. It's funny enough for me to enjoy. Rather liked it.


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