Parking Lot Repairs and Remembering The Summer I was 12

They repaired the cracks in the parking lot a few of days ago. First they blasted out the cracks with a powerful jet of air from the wand the guy has in the top photo, then they put in a compound to seal the cracks that has some flex to it. The flex is so it can move with expansion and contraction of the pavement. This helps prevent more cracks from forming too fast. Sooner or later they will repaint the lines for the parking spots - they do every year. Parking is rather expensive if you ask me, and I'm glad I don't have my own car, it would be far too much money for me to park in the lot, and in the winter you do need to have a plugin spot for sure. There are two spots reserved on the south end for the Housing Authority to park in, but the rest of the spots are for people living here. To modern standards, it would not meet the required amount of parking spaces for the number of people living here, but in 1974 when the place was opened, we had no such rule in the province.

This was made for my Dad, as it says in the caption. His best friend at the time was my Godfather. I only met him and his family two times in my life. Once in a trip to North Battleford, and once when they came to Moose Jaw to see us. For reasons I won't go into in this blog post, it was a VERY special occasion for me when they came here. Something happened with their daughter and myself in a park near my home - I will leave it at that - you can probably guess. I will always remember that four day span when they where in town. Another thing was a trip to the wild animal park that was rather enjoyable. My Dad has snuck in booze. Being that he was a cop, he knew full well that it was not legal to drink in a public place like that, but they did. It was Five Star whisky. At the time it was horrible tasting stuff I remember after having a single sip of it. They recently revived the brand, and it is vastly improved in taste. My brother was away at a military camp as he was in the reserves, so he could not mess up my good time. He was kind of a jerk at times, and I'm sure he would have done something to spoil my fun. I've tried to look up the girl online, but her name has probably changed, so I never found her. It would be interesting to talk with her and catch up on our families after all these years (45 years). Those where the days I tell you, and I miss being a 12 year old - life was vastly better at that time for me.


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