My Mark In Pavement and A Sad Ending for GP

My one friend was 9, another 12 and I was 9 when we did this. Sigh, yes I put my mark in wet cement. I can't believe it is still there after all these years. Mine is at the top. In the middle was my older friend who passed away about 5 years ago. At the bottom (upside down) is my cleaner friends mark. This is forty years old. It's actually not far from where I am living now and was on the corner by the ally entry of the place I lived before this. GP lived there as well, in fact he lived there longer than I did and he died there.

It was so sad, for many years GP was ignored by his family and he was told to not come to their homes as they did not want him around their kids. Then he died and all the sudden the obituary said, "best brother and uncle ever". Literally said just that. Sigh too little too late.


  1. Cool, but sad about your friend.

    1. Yes it's amazing it's still there 40 years later.

  2. isnt that typical, nobody caring until it is too late :(


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