Oh The Drama Just Won't End

So this is the fellow that I used to be friends with for like 35 years - Then he got all bent out of shape over the fact I called him on some bull shit he played me with. Ya know so bent out of shape he started making fun of the fact I have severely injured my knee and that I'm disabled. Takes a real man to do things like that don't ya think? But then again, I'm making fun of him right now... Hmmm... Well, never mind that... Fact is he has my spare keys and I don't think it's a good idea for him to have them. Well it's like 5:38 pm and still not a word back in reply. I seriously don't want to have to call the cops. I really don't want too... 

Speaks for it's self. No common friends or anything. The night after I made the comment "someone send me 1000 Xanax and 2000 Valium" as a joke - this popped into my inbox. So unless he/she/it is stalking me it's more than likely a freaking BOT trying to scam me. I mean really, best case scenario here is it's a low life drug dealing twat. But we will give it the benefit and say it's a freaking BOT.


  1. He might have thrown a fit and blocked your number?

    1. If he is not here tomorrow I'll text again telling him Saturday by 9pm or I call the cops. He is just being a child.


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