You Have Two Choices In Life

You have two options on your personal path. One stay healthy and do all you can to extend your life. This will make it a lot less fun though. You will spend a lot of time working out or running or walking or riding of bike or whatever. But you will spend the last twenty years of your life in some care home some place unable to remember who the people visiting you are. But at least you will live a long time.

The other option is to go out with a bang. Live life to it's fullest and have all kinds of fun along the way. About food, booze and spend your time having a good time with people you care about. This will ensure that you have a tragic, painful and somewhat short death. But for the most part you will have enjoyed most of your waking time on this planet.

I guess it's all up to choices. Some think you can live the clean life and be 105 when you die and enjoy the hell out of it. But I like to think of them as being a little less than informed and/or intelligent.

In the end life is short. We will all want more of it when the time comes. We will all spend the last little while unable to enjoy much other than Facebook and Netflix. But when you live it up that time frame is accelerated so it's less hard to tolerate. Hell if you do it right, you will just up and drop dead half way threw one hell of a good night and you won't have to worry about the disabled for a few years part.

So to sum it up YOLO.


  1. Yup. But I suppose it's considered rude to joke about dropping dead... Oh well... LOL.


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