Postal Worker Locked The Boxes Open - Again...

So here is my mail box - the one with the key hole showing. The post man locked it open AGAIN. Seems at least once every other month this happens to at least one set of boxes. There are 4 sets in the entry way. So much for privacy being protected and what not. But then again I have had to go to others apartments many times and say "this was in my box". Sigh. I wonder how many times something came for me and was put in a different box and I never saw it. After all, not all the people here seem to be that nice, some would open it and or toss it out I am sure. Not to mention I have had more packages just left in the entry way than I have had notification of delivery. In fact I would say 7 out of 10 just get left there. When Crazy Lady was here, she took a LOT of my packages and I never saw them again. I was to receive 7 things the one month and I got 3 of them. The rest vanished even though it said delivered. The best thing is, my statements from SAID are protected under the privacy act. At least 3 times in the past I never got it in my box. This means, it was put in another box and they did NOT bring it to me or it got lost in the mail. So there is a chance that it was opened and examined by someone in the building. Thank God I do all my banking by electronic means, if I was sent a check it would be a hassle from hell to get another one out of SAID. I am also reminded of the time a friend ordered a $5000 item and they left it in the snow at a back door they literally never use, for an entire week. Sigh. But that is his rant not mine. Yup and BTW they want more money right now. Would be nice to be able to just demand more money from the government. But being one of the poor people, I am left to what ever they give me. See we did NOT get a cost of living raise and the price of food as apposed to last year at this time is about $60 more a month. Oh well... Not to mention they don't pay for the cleaner I have to get in as it might literally kill me to do the cleaning myself. Well rant over...


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