So... you say millions should die because they voted for someone you don't like. I say it's wrong and you say I should die and I block you. Then like 7 or 8 new profiles later (all blocked), you send a friend request? Did you forget what the fuck you said? Or maybe you where hoping I forgot your a psychopath? I just have to say, your past is still there when you delete a profile and make a new one after you run out of people willing to take your bullshit. I have no idea why the people who keep adding your crazy ass keep doing it. Seriously, it's multiple times a year you do this. Time to get on some meds and stop seeking the bad kind of attention.
So there is this thing called a GST rebate in Canada. It's a rebate of sails tax to people who don't make a great deal of money. I normally get $180.00 (about). I am hoping I am reading this page correct and I'll be getting over $400 more. Hell that would fix a LOT of things. I could get the $120 worth of stuff I need to order and maybe treat myself to a couple nice things. It sure will come in handy and I am most hoping I'll get like $500 extra out of it.
OK I'm being snarky, but ya know.


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