We can't know reality so we create a simulated reality based on our limited understanding. The more we learn the more complex the simulation, but still we can never truly know reality. Our form is too limited by imposed limitations while spending a lifetime building. Even if we seek to banish the limitations we are limited by our form. Reality exists and we are a small part of it. Everything we can preserve changes, but reality is a fixed point. We are part of it but not aware of it. We are only aware of our construct. We can however change that construct if we desire. Life and death have no meaning and that one moment in perceived time, we become one again with reality until we venture out again as a limited being for the purpose of exploring existence from an infinite variation of experience. With this endless cycle of birth and death the hole expands and new forms of existence are created. Yet the reality we momentarily are one with endlessly, is unobtainable in these variations of existence. And with an infinite divergence of experience the reality is still a fixed point.


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