Fibromyalgia: Some of the Symptoms

Fibromyalgia: Some of the Symptoms

Joint pain *
Cramps *
Hypermobility *
Anxiety *
Nerve Pain *
Nausea *
Gluten & Yeast Intolerance
Unregulated Body Temperature *
Pins and Needles *
Hypotension *
Sensitive to Light & Noise *
Dizziness *
Sciatica *
Confusion *
Poor Concentration *
Muscle Knots, Spasms, Twitches & Stiffness *
Morning Stiffness *
Chemical Sensitivity *
Shortness of Breath *
Fatigue *
Aphasia *
Neck & shoulder Pain *
Sensory Overload *
Thyroid Disorder
Nose Bleeds
Aching Bones *
Night Sweats *
Depression *
Non-Refreshing Sleep & Insomnia *
Tender Lymph Nodes
Plantar Fasciitis *
P.M.S. (worsened or prolonged)
Non-Allergic Rhinitis *
Migraines *
Arm Pain *
Irritable Bowel *
Spinal Burring
Irritable Bladder *
Hand Pain *
Foot Pain *
Brain Fog *
Dysphasia *
Myofascial Pain *
Lower Back Pain *
Menstrual Problems
Knee Pain *
Restless Legs *
Numbness / Tingling in Hands & Feet (Paresthesia) *
Widespread Muscle Pain *
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Dry Skin *
Dry Eyes *
Dry Mouth *
Jaw Pain & TMJ *
Itching *

48 of them personally. It's been at least half my life with this hideous affliction. It's caused me to be 100% disables as in regards to being able to work. I can't sit at a desk for more than 30 minutes. I can't stand for more than 10 minutes. I twitch when I'm trying to write or carry something (coffee stains all over my carpet). I've not slept well in over a decade. It's hard to talk at times. I don't understand people at times and have to ask them to repeat themselves. I forget words. Well, you see my checked off symptoms. I can actually pass out from the pain if I force myself to go past my limits and have. In any event, I'm more saddened that there is a bunch of Women out there who think Men cannot get this, but we do. The one not on this list I get is a severe burning sensation on my genitals and testicle pain (sometimes severe). Know you are not alone, others suffer like you do. Please keep hope and keep strong. Peace and Love to you. One last thing NOTHING stops the dang itching for me.


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