Drawer Full of Porn • The Bob Gordons
Snuff Film • Dislocated Boner
Your Blood, My Chalice • Kill the Spirit
Smack My Bitch Up • Prodigy
Cake And Sodomy • Marilyn Manson
Meathook Sodomy • Cannibal Corpse
Slave • bobaflex
Winged Hussars • Sabaton
Theft of the Hammer • Brothers of Metal
Beast in Black • Beast In Black
Kaunaz Dagaz • Brothers of Metal
The Chosen Ones • Dream Evil
Bismarck • Sabaton
Cry out for a Hero • Beast In Black
Emblas Saga • Brothers of Metal
From Hell with Love • Beast In Black
Defenders of Valhalla • Brothers of Metal
Heart of Steel • Beast In Black
Njord • Brothers of Metal
Sweet True Lies • Beast In Black
To the Skies and Beyond • Brothers of Metal
No Surrender • Beast In Black


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