It's interesting to me how many times I've seen this on a YouTube video and the content originated in Canada. The best thing is, if I search and find a bootleg upload of the song it will not be blocked in Canada. So tell me you are not literally encouraging people to illegally upload music videos so people in the country of origin can actually watch them. This is very much what I have come to expect from YouTube.


  1. It's equally as amazing to me that select songs on iTunes are still DRM Protected (at least some of mine are) and Steve Jobs eliminated DRM from iTunes when he was alive so when you purchase a song it's yours to keep and do with as you please (enter Sigh Here) all the more reason for me to go to Android which I plan to do once this ancient as hell iPhone 4S is paid off.

    1. I hated my iPhone. Paid money to upgrade sooner just to get rid of it. I got a large amount of music I ripped from my CDs and paid for on band camp and google play. It's all uploaded to my youtube music library and in my cloud and in 3 hard drives. The world needs to end for me to lose it.

    2. I hear ya, there was a point in time where I loved Apple, I had a Macbook it bombed then I went to PC. I am slowly adding all my stuff to Google Play Music/Books And other services and I have them all backed up on my external Hard drive, as the Eagles so elegantly put it it will be when Hell Freezes Over that I will lose all of it

    3. By the end of the year Google play music will be no more. They are movolingbit all to YouTube music and it looks like you can't buy songs from googlexafter it close . But you can import your library to YouTube music I just did the other day. Took an hour.

    4. Why are they moving it to Youtube I wonder, there is big money to be made in purchasing sings it's how Apple's store got so famous I better get cracking and put all my stuff on there before the year is out


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