Slightly Heavy Party Mix Playlist

I Sit on Acid • Lords of Acid
Let's Get High • Lords of Acid
(Can't You) Trip Like I Do (feat. The Crystal Method) • Filter
Blue Monday • orgy
The Most Wonderful Girl • Lords of Acid
Professional Killer • KMFDM
Beers, Steers & Queers • Revolting Cocks
Tin Omen • Skinny Puppy
Rough Sex • Lords of Acid
Juke-Joint Jezebel • KMFDM
Stripper • Lords of Acid
Worlock • Skinny Puppy
Finger Lickin' Good • Lords of Acid
Looking For Strange • KMFDM
The Crablouse • Lords of Acid
Keep Hope Alive • Crystal Method
Scrood bi U • Lords of Acid
Anarchy • KMFDM
Out Comes the Evil • Lords of Acid
Mindphaser • Front Line Assembly
You Know What You Are • Ministry
Vapor Trail • Crystal Method
Electric Head, Pt.2 (Sexational After Dark Mix) • White Zombie
Closer • Nine Inch Nails
Sex Bomb • Lords of Acid


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