12 Horror Movies From the 1970's I Loved and You May Never Have Heard Seen

 The Creeping Flesh (1973) 9/10
A scientist discovers a giant skeleton and finds the flesh will grow back if water is spilled on it. He then becomes convinced that it’s the origin of evil and that evil is a disease of the blood. At the end of the movie there is a rather large plot twist, and you are left wondering if any of it is real or not.

Deranged: Confessions of Necrophilia (1974) 9/10
After the death of his mother a farmer becomes a grave robber and murderer. He keeps the bodies in his house as well as the body of his mother.

Summer of Fear (1978) 8/10
After her cousin moves in the house, a woman starts to think she is a witch using dark magic.

Sisters (1972) 7/10
Struggles ensue after a woman tries to convince the police she saw a murder across the street in another apartment. This is like Rear Window but with the twist of the woman getting involved.

Willard (1971) 7/10
A man discovers he can control rats and uses them for revenge. In the end it did not go so well for him.

Vampyres (1974) 8/10
A pair of vampire women entice people into a manner and keep them as food. This movie has an open ending BTW.

Fascination (1979) 8/10
A man on the run from the law takes two chamber maids’ hostage in a mansion. At night several women show up and the tables are turned.

The Legend of Hell House (1973) 9/10
A man and his wife are hired to investigate a haunted house where 27 guests died of mysterious causes. The fact that a team of investigators in the 1950’s also died in the house makes it more of a feeling of doom.

House (1977) 7/10
A girl and six of her schoolmates go to her aunt’s country home and find it to be rather haunted. BTW this movie is from Japan.

Tourist Trap (1979) 9/10
Stuck at a roadside attraction a group of friends battle a masked madman who can control the mannequins in the displays. It has a rather interesting twist to it.

The Manitou (1978) 7/10
A 400-year-old demonic Native Spirit comes to life after growing out of a lump in her back.

The Shout (1978) 7/10
While at a cricket match in an insane asylum, a man tells a story of a traveler who imposes himself on a couple. He tells them he can shout in a manner that will kill. He demonstrates this on some sheep.


  1. Willard and vampires, that’s the only ones I heard of and watched

    1. None of these where a
      success. So no wonder you never saw them.


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