When Someone With Way More Complains About Money

That moment you hear someone complaining about money and you know they have way the hell more than you have.

So the person in question was literally given a house. He literally makes 5X a month (after taxes) than I do. He also never goes anywhere or does anything. He tends to stay home alone all the time.

"The hell are you spending all your money on", is all I have to say. How can you possibly be broke, you don't even go out to eat because you don't want to be around people.

There has to be something I'm not seeing here. The person also works from home BTW. Got not one clue why they say they have no money.

It's a case of someone who is massively exaggerating their finances or they have some kind of spending habit I don't know about. Either way, just WTH?

Honestly, I try not to judge people, because you just never know what is going on, but just wow on this one. They don't have any living relatives either, so they is not a source of funds flowing out. Oh well, just let them rant. It's not like I haven't seen people who make $350,000 a year say how little money they have. So ya know, people are just screwed sometimes.


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