Friend Could Not Believe I Typed That Fast

I remember telling a friend "I can type 80 wpm". He could not believe that was even possible. I literally showed him with a typing test program on the computer. I got 83 wpm and a 98% accuracy rate. He thought I was cheating LOL. His mother had worked in an office for many many years and could only do about 40, so he thought that was the human limit. I showed him job listings where they literally ask for 80 wpm minimum. He just literally left my apartment LOL. BTW My spelling seems to have gotten way worse over the years. Oh and I used to know a woman who could type 120 wpm. It was amazing to see. Internet chat with her was fun, just poof there is a long reply all the sudden. I've also slowed down, I bet I'm only about 60 wpm now.



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