Got My Steps in and a Memory

First off, for a normal person this is not that big a deal, but when you are as disabled as me, it is. I can hardly walk to the kitchen some days. I spent a week before this only clocking in about 350 steps as it hurt too much to walk far. So for 2 days in a row to get over my goal of 1000 steps is great. I got a lot done yesterday, like cleaning all the stuff out of here that needed tossing out, or recycling.
This is a memory from the day I moved in here about 5 years ago. This is candy bags in the entry way of my building from a funeral home, I guess they where trying to drum up business. The thing is, almost everyone in this building is going to be a state funeral, so it's pointless. We don't have money to play it out in advance and for the most part have no relatives to spend the money planting our dead bodies. Personally, I just want to be cremated and dumped in an unmarked grave and forgotten.


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