And YouTube Glitch Again

Like seriously YouTube, can you not be broken for just one day? No? Guess not.

This is a YouTube playlist I made. I have three of them like this and all for different kinds of content I want to watch later - the actual watch later list is just for music profiles I fallow.

So as you see, there is nothing in this list, yet it says "2 videos". Got no freaking idea how this even happens.

Then there is comments, it says 5 comments and there are literally 2 showing up and nothing in the held for review box. This happens on almost every video I've ever seen by people I follow. It's not like every last one of them has a hidden channel commenting. And yes, if you mark a channel as hide comments, they are literally the only ones who see their comment, you don't and no one else does. But, you know what I mean, it's more than likely just the system being messed up. Not to mention comments seem to be vanishing yet again.


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