I Have 3666 Jigsaw Puzzles on My PC

I have an app on my Windows PC called Jigsaws Galore. I use it to make jigsaw puzzles from photos I have taken or collected here and there. My personal collection to date contains 3666 of them. Several hungered of these came with the app or where free to download from the apps web page. The app is also out for Mac as well. If there was an android version of it, I'd certainly have it on my tablet. In any event, I have 3000 Safe For Work puzzles and 666 Not Safe For Work puzzles. There is no porn at all, just nude art and photos. If you don't know a "Furry" is a humanoid like creature that has features of an animal. For example a wolf-man is a "Furry". My personal persona is a "fox" in the Furry world. In any event, the app is linked above so you can look at it, try it or pick it up for your self.


  1. I bought it when I had a Macbook Pro unfortunately David Gray, the author couldn't transfer my license to Windows due to the Mac App Store being unique (which is understandable) so I use the freeware version but yes I love the program, wish I still had the full version but I'm SOL in that department.

    1. It's my favorite app. I've used it fir years. I had V6 as well.


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