Energizer Batteries Dead Out of the Pack

Been buying these for a very long time. Normally they have at least 10 years on the shelf, but these are dead. I wanted to switch out the batteries in my scale, and these did nothing at all. I have one of them tester strip things, so I tried it and both where dead as rock.

I've literally had thousands of these over the many years I've been getting them, and this is the first time I had dead ones. It was in an 8 pack, and the others are happily working in remotes and other toys, not these ones. I tested all the AA I have and they are all fine.

Interesting story, I ordered an 8 pack of AAA and an 8 pack of AA and they sent me 2 8 packs of AA. I contacted Amazon and they sent out the AAA and told me to keep the AA's. The postage would be more to return them than it's worth after all.

I still recommend the hell out of these things. In January when I have extra money, I'll have to order more. To be honest it's a bit less than at the store, and I don't have to walk a block to get them LOL. I normally order 3 or 4 packs of Italian coffee a month, so I'll get them with that. Might even do it next month (December).

If you notice, the best date is 2027, so I got no clue. I don't care to bitch to the company for more, but it was a bit of a shock to me.


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