Go Home FB, You Are Drunk

I fired up Facebook on my phone and had a notification I had a strike AGAIN. I look and it does not show what the group was, what the comment was, or anything. I went to support inbox and it had been overturned. I did NOT appeal, so the group mods must have.

Here is the thing, I have not posted a comment on a group in over a month. Currently I have 3 days left of a 7 day ban on posting in groups (nothing to do with a group BTW). So how the actual hell?

All I can think is someone had a temper-tantrum and flagged it. I've got literally no idea what the comment even was, so no idea why some child in an adults body got pissy. To be honest I don't even know what the last group I commented in was.

The ban I got last was for a MEME that has a picture of a child about to stick a metal knife into a wall outlet (plug). The caption is "You can't tell me what to do... I got rights". A total mocking of the radical right and their inability to do anything that benefits the common good - IE not wearing masks or getting the jab. You know the kind that is always screaming "ME, ME, ME".


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