I Just Want My Package

I get the tracking first and it tells me it's on it's way from Regina. Well I wait until 9pm and start wondering where the heck it is. Tracking still says on it's way. So I DM them on Twitter and give them all the info and they tell me they will get to me when they get to me kind of thing.

Well the next day is Saturday and it says what you see below. Then I get this email saying it's going to be delivered in a time slot from 10am to 2pm on Monday (today).

Well soon after I notice they are still not here and it is back to saying check back later. So I made an account and hit the change details thing and notice the address does NOT have my apartment number.

I told them at Staples what the apartment number was in the form and on the shipment statement it says "floor." instead of the apartment number. WTF is that supposed to mean I wonder.

I look and there is literally no way to correct this and there is also no way to have to dropped off at a certain address. There is just options like "at the back door" or "in the shed" or "with the superintendent". No place to enter my address.

So back to Twitter and give them the info and they passed it on to Regina and I HOPE TO GOD I get it tomorrow or I'm going to be upset. To this point it was all on staples. OK 80% Staples and 20% for them not emailing me saying the address is messed up. BTW they have my phone number as well, so just no excuse left. They obviously know my email address, they sent me an email after all.

I just want my F*ING MASKS. This is getting stupid. But the lesson learned is NEVER get it shipped to you, but have it set for pickup at the local store. FFS this is just ridiculous. Anyhow, I will review the so called "large masks" if they ever get here.

There is some thing where the universe does not want me to have masks shipped to me I see. The last back where like $25 for 3 of them and it said delivered and there was never anything in my box. I contacted Amazon and they told me they "ordered the company to give me a refund". They never did give me the money back. They are also still selling on Amazon, so no one at all cared one bit, but me.

Please Goddess, get my masks to me will you please?


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