Finally Got Saskhealth To Fix My Records

So I finally have my app all ready to go on the phone to show proof of vaxx. I had to go though hell to do it, but it's there now.

First I send in a missing information form with the photo of my wallet card and all the info they need to fix it. Well I got an email saying something to the effect of don't send in another, just wait forever.

The first one was over a month and nothing was fixed. So against their instructions I sent in another form with a photo of the card. Low and behold, they fixed it this time in 6 business days.

So if I had left it to them the first time, I'd never have had it fixed. Not only did the lost thousands of vaxx records on people in Saskatchewan, but they seem to be loosing the requests to fix them as well. Sigh.

Anyways, go ahead and scan this QR code LOL.


  1. Oh wow well I'm glad they finally got it done. Also props for the Rick roll

    1. Yeah that's hilarious. I would never have gog it fixedif I followed directions.


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