After Hitting My Head, I Get Tired Often

This is me out for coffee with my friends on Thursday (Dec 15, 2022). It was exactly 2 weeks after a trip and fall that left me rather banged up and with very painful ribs. The pain level was manageable, but I got very tired for some reason. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but that was not the issue, I was just plain tired. In my fall I hit my head, and for some reason, I've been getting tired fast ever since, but at random - some days I do not have it happen at all. It's going to be a while until I see my doctor for a physical exam, but I'll talk to him about it then, if I remember.

Also I missed blood work today and need to call them tomorrow for a new appointment. I thought there was a bigger rush, but the doctor appointment is a ways off, so no rush. It is snowy out and my friend who drives me would be a long time picking my back up, and I don't want to wait in the snow and bitter cold for 30 minutes, and waiting inside, I'd be in the way.


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