Fell and Hurt Myself Badly

On Nov 30, 2022, I tripped on a towel that was on the floor of my living room. Well, I fell. This was about 11pm the previous night and when I came around it was almost 5am the next morning. You can see I hit my head and messed up my leg. There is no bruise on my head fortunately, but the leg is one big bruise. What is not shows as there is strangely no bruising there either, is my left side (ribs). I hurt my ribs badly enough that it was the worst pain in my life.

I forgot to tell the doctor I was knocked out, as I was still kind of out of it at the time. I am wondering how he did not notice I was rather not with it. But oh well.

I'm left feeling extremely tired at random now after the fall. My ribs are mostly in severe pain when I move. Getting up from a chair is bad, and out of bed extremely painful. I have to sit on the edge of the bed for a time or I'll be going to the floor again.

The pain meds the doctor gave me worked for maybe 2 days then just stopped working. I don't seem to be the only one that has this happen sadly, several people I know are the same.

It's strange to not feel safe in your own home, but I don't now. There is always the risk of this happening again, or worse. I can't take care of the place anymore and will soon have to start to pay a cleaner to come in. This makes me even more sad.

Seems my good days are long gone now. There is only doubt, pain, and lack of hope for a better tomorrow.



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