Oops, My Bad, AKA Check Was in the Mail

This is an update to a previous blog post. Well I was not getting a $500 rental supplement from the Federal Government, and was expecting it to be direct deposit. Turns out the feds had sent a check instead. Here is the issue, I went over the online form 3 times to make sure it was all correct. The default is to get direct deposit, and I DID NOT check the box that said pay by check. I had even phoned them and spent a good deal of time to get hold of them, and was told "it has been deposited in your account". Well, obviously not, as I ended up getting a check in the mail last night. So my bad on saying the bank was holding it up - but to be honest, I have had transfers take 3 or 4 days to clear in the past, and was expecting direct deposit, so it is obvious why I thought that. But on the bright side I got the money and am super grateful that I did receive it. It's too late to order a friend something I wanted to give them for Christmas, but it can be given after just as well - nothing expensive, just a token of thanks. It will also most likely be on my credit card on Thursday, so I can pick up my Christmas day booze (probably wine and maybe some craft beer). BTW the money is part of a very much needed plan to help low income people with inflation recently. It is not a great deal of money in the scheme of things, but it is helping a lot of people, so props to the feds for that, I'm certain if it was a conservative government, they would have just let us rot. Well, anyways, I hope you all have a happy holiday or had one, depending on when you read this.


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