Got the One Time Housing Benefit

 Well I qualified for the $500 and it will be here tomorrow (this is the 14th). It will allow me to get my new TV I am in need of and with luck some sweat pants on the cheep. I'm rather annoyed that it is only online that you can get in on this with. The majority of older people I know have no access to the internet and they need the money just as much as I do. This is a heck of a fail on the part of the Liberal Party of Canada. Next month is the usual credits that I get every 4 months and they also very much help to offset the taxes I pay on items and the increased prices because of the carbon tax on shipping. Unfortunately, it does not totally cancel out the extra I pay out and trust me I'm low income. It seems in all the so called civilized countries, it is on the backs of the poor to pay out the biggest amount in tax when you scale it to their income. For some reason a great number of people thing somehow the rich getting tax breaks is good for the poor. The logic is totally flawed, but the do think it. Well, I just hope right now, they change it so people can apply in the mail or on the phone. As well most I talked to, never even heard of this extra $500. Sigh. But all I can really do it tell people.


  1. they know what they are doing, they bank on a bunch of people not knowing and never applying, thats government for you. dont get a TCL lol my TCL in the bedroom just exploded lol it is only 2 years old.

    1. Was planing on TCL it's eat I have money for. I don't have $1000 for a samsung. Sigh.

    2. did you look at HiSense? I mean I didnt have any problems until I did with TCL maybe get the extended warranty if you can

    3. Found a hisense for the same price but only 5 in stock. Might be Monday before I can order it, so I just hope they still have one.

    4. Hisense is better than some of the Samsung models, they also come with their own included streaming service, at least here in the US.

  2. looks like you are gonna have a decent january too


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