I Just Applied for the One-Time Top-Up to the Canada Housing Benefit

Just applied for a $500 one-time payment from the Canadian Government. I qualify and have an online account with Revenue Canada, so I was able to do it. You will literally need an online account for this. It does not require direct deposit, you can get a check sent, but an account is needed, as it uses the info from your account to apply. There is no long form to do it all by hand.

For the "one-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit". You must have an adjusted family net income of $35,000 or less, or $20,000 or less for an individual. You must have spent 30% or more of your net income on rent in 2022.

If the link does not work, it has expired. It's a limited time offer it seems and can only be done once per Houshold. It tells me I will get the money deposited within 5 days or if you get a check, 5 to 10 days. Note, they may end up wanting proof of rent and may contact your landlord or even you.



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