Facebook is Messed Up

Everything I click on Facebook right now looks like this screen shot. My profile, new posts, click a notification - all comes up blank like this. Sigh I have several things I want to post and it's messing with me. It's going to be a pain in the butt to do it with the app instead. I'll have to save a link for the posts then get them in Chrome on my phone then post the link. Total pain that. For such a large company with so many people working for them, they sure can't keep things going well. Not to mention the ads are 90% scams and dangerous links. I just saw one yesterday that claimed if you invest $500 with them, in 90 days you will get $5.5 million back LOL - as if. Not to mention ads for pot and shrooms. If I posted that they were on sale at my local store, I'd be tossed in Facebook Jail for 30 days FFS, yet if you pay them for an ad, anything goes. Hell, even saw a sex bot once. BTW I'm on a P.C. with Windows 10 and using Edge browser - it may well be working for Chrome, but I stopped using Chrome.


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