3 Spicy Things I Use in My Food

This is hotter than normal sauce, but It's not special that way. It does taste very good, however. IT's 35,000 SCU. I did a taste test, and it went wrong because I ended up choking on it. Was not super-hot but does have a bit of burn.
This is yummy as heck. It gives a great taste to anything I put it in. A friend got it for me as well as the Shit the Bed sauce. Again, it's not super-hot but has some burn to it. It's mostly a nice roasted flavor. It's super high in salt, however.
Well, most people have had this, or one of the 100 brands like it. It's the most common "hot sauce" on the planet and is sold in most countries. This one is slightly sweet and gives a nice change to soup or even pizza.


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