Wi-Fi Eh

Well, the Wi-Fi used to be named "RCMP Surveillance Van", but after moving out of a building with a drug dealer down the hall, I changed it to Pagan Altar, just because. Does not seem like anyone else in the entire building gave theirs a name other than literally their own name. Strangely enough, the church across the parking lot from me had open Wi-Fi with no password on it for a long time. I emailed them that this is not a great idea and justified my statement with what can happen if it's open. They never replied, but they put a password on it. My building in the lobby and basement have open Wi-Fi or sorts, you need a Shaw account to get on it. There is also a Sasktel Wi-Fi but it needs a password.


  1. My wife wont let me have fun with the wifi name, ours are PENRIC


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