Giving Away Stuffed Toys

I've posted my family of stuffed toys in the past. Well, I just got a bit tired of them being all over the place and put all but this one (my first and favorite Pusheen) in the storage room. I think I'm going to give away the one big one, as I have no use for it really - it's not a Pusheen after all. There is also several in a container I think I'll be putting out for people to take, as I don't have any attachment to them at all, even though they used to be my Moms. Why have them just sitting in storage when people could be enjoying them. The Pusheens I'll be keeping until I drop dead, however.

This one here is my emotional support stuffy. When I'm in a lot of pain, or depressed I tend to hold her and listen to music. It does seem to help for some reason. I also pretend to feed and water her every morning. Yeah, I know sounds very mature, but it's keeping me happy. Anyway, when I do the laundry, I'll also put out the stuffies that I no longer want.


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