3 Blogs in One Post

(1) Finally, a nice sunny day out. It was weeks before I saw the sun again, and I very much missed it. I really do enjoy seeing sunlight and having it on my face. I'll have to pop outside to get some sun on me.
(2) So here I am at coffee before the others get there. They don't generally let people sit in this aria, but my friend has special needs, so they allow it. Normally it's used for overflow when the front is full, or a large group comes in. There are generally 4 of us in our group. It's really my only time with other people in the week most of the time, so I enjoy it a lot.

(3) and finally, the power off indicator on my new Hisense TV is like 3/4 of an inch off center and it's bugging me that did not put it in the center. There is probably no valid reason for it to not be as well. I have to wonder how many other people look at it and think way the hell is it not in the middle? I've had lots of them off in the lover right corner, but this is a first for me.


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