Of Religious Extremests and Rainbows

The soup has literally nothing to do with this topic, but in a way is a bit funny, as I'm going to talk about something a lot of people did NOT understand at all.

Pink Floyd just posted a profile pic on their Facebook page to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Dark Side of the Moon." It has a rainbow in the logo for 100% obvious reasons, that being the album cover has a rainbow on it.

Well, the right-wing folk seem to be very upset over this. It's literally astonishing to see them going blindly on about gay pride and Woke culture. Not to mention they are using Woke wrong. Seriously, how can you not know? It's the bands top album of all time and one of the most sold albums in history. So, you have to have a massive brain malfunction to not realize what the rainbow is for. Not to mention you are literally waving a red flag that says you're a hate filled bigot.

The response to these oh so upset people where epic to say the least and gave a lot of people serious entertainment. I always find is so dang funny that people who keep saying "people are too easy to offend", keep having meltdowns over minor things like a rainbow. They spend most of their lives being full on upset how others live their lives, when it does not in the least bit affect them at all. But these are people who vote for politicians who want to take human rights away from people and do stupid shit like outlaw vaccines.

These same people scream about theocratic countries led by religious nuts and how dangerous they are to the world, but at the same time are trying to turn their country into a theocracy. I don't give a fart in a windstorm what God you follow and what your dogma is. But when you start to want to demand others, who are doing no harm, live in a manner you demand them to live in, you are a tyrant. There is nothing more dangerous to a so-called free people that someone with a religious text in hand, making laws based on their perception of God's word. The best thing is, they are relying on the fact not one of their followers have ever read the bible - so they can tell them anything and it will be believed.

Let's get back to the soup, can you see the relation now? It's totally contrary to the real issue at hand.


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