Update on Life

The day started out with me forgetting to put coffee in the maker, so I made a pot of hot water instead. The maker I use is a Moka pot and it gets super-hot, so I had to let it cool down before I could make coffee.

I had not much sleep last night, the body and knee pain were keeping me from sleeping well. Then at 3am someone used the garbage shoot at the end of the hall. There is literally only one person up on my floor at that time, so I'm certain it was him - Not like I'm going to jump up and try to get pants on in time to see if it was or not. But the door to the garbage shoot closes heavy and makes a heck of a thump - well actually two thumps, and that woke me.

You can see a photo of Pusheen my ever-present buddy near the bed. To be honest I never thought I'd be so attacked to a stuffed toy, but she is a great comfort to me when I'm in pain or just down in my mood. If you have no idea Pusheen is a very popular cartoon cat with a great deal of merchandise, you can buy.

When I was about 20 or so I started to develop a callus on my heals. I gave it no mind and now at 56 it is an issue. It is cracking and giving me pain when I walk. It's not terrible pain, but it's annoying. I've been told I should get it removed, but I am kind of sure I'll need to pay for that, and that is just not happening. But I'll ask my doctor and see if I can be referred to someone and if there is no expense, I'll have it cared for.

My podcast has been resurrected and you can find it here. I generally post on Saturday and it's nothing much, just me talking for a bit. I try not to go long, as I don't tend to have the ability to keep up the conversation for an hour and I seriously want to keep it unscripted.


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