2 Scams and a Spam Text

This is on Google Docs. They create a doc, then in the comments of the doc they tag people - lots of people. It's 100% a scam or worse, dangerous to click their links. To be honest, 80 people where tagged and it's not like all of us had magically acquired $24K now is it. Being that I've never had F.A. to do with bit coin mining in my life, also kind of sure it's a scam at best. This has been going on as long as Google Docs has existed, yet they never stopped it, and you have no ability to set it so people can't tag you or share with you without permission. There is a spam for of this where they send you a ling to "edit this picture". Well editing is generally turned off and it's typically porn spam as an image, so you get unwanted pornography in your browser. People have been complaining about this for as long as either service has existed and Google has done not one thing to stop it. BTW the URL I covered would have passed code as it's a maco script link - also a cool thing you can do with Google services is infect computers but passing code to install crap.

This one is obvious and is not even from Canada. They did not even bother to spoof a number. So, how did they magically know my number if my address was not on the freaking package? Once again, you have to be clinically stupid to fall for this. As well, it's NOT the Canada Post web URL.
I don't know why they are bothering people with this nonsense, so I marked it as spam, because to me it full on is. Completely unwanted. The fact that they have been spending a fortune to run endless surveys online with multiple services that do surveys, is baffling as to why they bothered a few hundred thousand people with this text. As well, not 100% sure it's not a scam to charge me money for my reply. It's not hard to do that after all.


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