Shaw Cable Internet Speed Not What It Should Be

Sitting here trying to get some work done online (editing), and the modem goes off (of course). When it comes on a few minutes later, my download speed has tanked. You can see from the graphic I been testing since my upgrade in the 900's (I really don't test often but my download took a LONG time). Now I'm getting 103 down? The average has to be from before when I had a much slower internet package. I'm paying a LOT of money for this and I want all I can get out of it, not this nonsense. When contract is over, I think I eat the loss in upload speed (I upload a lot of video) and switch to a medium speed on SaskTel - It will save me a lot of money over a year and I will have a discount for bundling with my mobile phone plan. I don't need this 1.5 Gig stuff and I don't know why I say yes to it, instead of switching to 150 meg instead for a lot less money - But I did say yes. It's just me here and even at 150 if I'm streaming on the TV and uploading on my phone (video is always off my phone), I will be very much OK. This is not the first time this has happened as well and I had to have them do something to fix it last time. I literally HATE being on chat with them on the phone while testing on the PC to see if it's back up. They seem extremely not stable in the speed here for fiber. Shaw is really starting to annoy the heck out of me the last few months. To top it off, I am kind of sure I was talked into a higher speed package for no valid reason. The guy literally phoned me back after setting up my file with a lower speed and saying "it won't let me give you the discount, you have to upgrade for that." Got to think why did he not realize that right away when I was still on the phone with him. I'm thinking someone told him to call me back and trick me into upgrading. This is just what I think, so validation for it, but it makes a lot more sense than the call back.


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