September Vlogging Challenge

1. Your goal for the month
2. Something you are proud of accomplishing
3. Fission, old or new
4. What you are thankful for
5. Highlights from summer
6. Things about fall you enjoy
7. Things you would like to improve about yourself
8. 8 things about you
9. Pets, now or in the past
10. Something you lost
11. A childhood memory
12. Talk about a movie you love
13. Your top guilty pleasure
14. An injury you have or had in the past
15. 3 favorite series
16. How you feel about how you look
17. Something that annoys you
18. What you are thankful for
19. A love interest you have or had
20. A trip you went on
21. A cause you're passionate about
22. Most listened to song this month so far
23. Something you want to learn
24. How do you exercise
25. A book you love
26. At least 2 hobbies you love
27. Celebrity crush now or in the past
28. At least 3 things that make you happy
29. At least 3 favorite foods
30. How was your month


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