A Couple of Screen Shots - AKA I Don't Like Being Cold

Just happened to wake my phone up when it was 9:11 on 9-11. I still remember when it happened. I was sleeping after working nights and a friend phoned and told me to turn on the TV. I asked what channel and he said, "It's on all of them." It was on all of them. I'll never forget that day. My anger was strong and I wanted retaliation. Sadly what became of retaliation was a long pointless war that accomplished next to nothing and ended the lives of a lot of people and messed up even more lives for good.

This was this morning (Sep 16, 2023). 4C is about 39F for the only 3 countries in the world that don't use metric. The heat won't be turned on in my building for about a month yet. They need it to be a certain temperature in the daytime several days in a row before they turn the boiler on. There is literally no valid reason for this at all of course. A lot of places run a boiler year round and it's only turned off for maintenance. But when it's -17C out at night and still +15C in the day, we get to be extremely cold in here. I can't afford to live any other place, so here I stay. To be honest, this is the only thing about this place that bugs me really. I don't like being cold at all. Almost everyone is a great person besides the guy to the south who is scared of me all the sudden for no reason. It's more quiet that most places I've lived. I love it here. But I don't want to be cold.


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