Scams in my Spam Box

They do try. This is an email in my spam box. I cut out the part where it says "withdraw your money by entering payment details here." Then there was a link to a sight in Eastern Europe. Yup I'll just click that and enter my banking info right away. But people do fall for it all the time. In the spam box was also some think from Denmark about 1700 channels of TV from around the world and the top 5 streaming services all in one package for $50 a month. I'm sure it's just a way of harvesting your credit card info. I got it in all 3 spam boxes (3 email accounts). I also keep getting texts from Canada Post saying I need to pay them taxes before they deliver my package. Then there is the endless texts and emails from "Amazon" claiming that I need to verify payment info to get my laptop. Then there was the phone call saying it was my grandson and he needed money to get a plain ticket because his stuff was stolen on vacation - the fact that I never had children makes this a very bad try. It seems in the last 4 or 5 years the scams have gone wild and multiplied like crazy. Oh well, they are generally stupid and if you fall for it, you will again and again as you don't have the smarts to see the obvious.


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